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Post Offices in Prayagraj

Allahabad is one of the most popular pilgrimage places in India. The city attracts large number of tourists. The city is famous for Kumbh Mela. Postal services have a strong network in this city. Due to large population in the city, the requirement of communication is high and hence, Indian post office is present in almost every area of Allahabad. All the post offices present here are mostly located within a ten to fifteen minutes walk from each other. A strong network of post offices in Allahabad makes life of people in Allahabad easy. Here is a list of post offices in Allahabad this will help you to locate the post office which is nearest to your area.

Allahabad Post Office

Allahabad New Cantt Post Office
Allahabad New Cantt, Allahabad – 211001

Arahkala India Post Office
Handia, Allahabad – 221508

Arail India Post Office
Karchhana, Allahabad – 211008

Badokhar India Post Office
Koraon, Allahabad – 212306

Balapur India Post office
Bara, Allahabad – 212111

Bamhrauli Uparhar India Post office
Allahabad – 211012

Bampur India Post Office
Bampur area, Allahabad – 212104

Barai Harakh India Post Office
Holagarh, Allahabad – 212503

Bemra India Post office
Bara, Allahabad – 212108

Bharat Nagar India Post Office
Bara, Allahabad – 212106

Bhunda India Post office
Meja Road, Allahabad – 212307

Chamu India Post office
Chamu Road, Allahabad – 212106

Chapar India Post Office
Chapar Road, Allahabad – 212106

Chittpalgarh India Post Office
Soraon, Allahabad – 212507

Meja Road Post Office
Meja Road, Allahabad -211001

Amilia Kalan B.O
Meja Road, Allahabad -211001

Achhola B.O
Meja Road, Allahabad -211001

Amora India Post office
Amora Area, Allahabad -211001

Aunta India Post office
Aunta Road, Allahabad -211001

Babhani Hetar India Post office
Babhani Hetar, Allahabad -211001

Barha Kalan India Post office
Barha Kalan, Allahabad -211001

Bhaganpur India Post office
Bhaganpur, Allahabad -211001

Bharari India Post office
Bharari, Allahabad -211001

Katrauli India Post office
Katrauli, Allahabad -211001

Lotarh India Post office
Lotarh, Allahabad -211001

Masauli India Post office
Masauli, Allahabad -211001

New adhiya India Post office
New Adhiya, Allahabad -211001

Nibaiya India Post office
Nibaiya, Allahabad -211001

Samhan India Post office
Samhan, Allahabad -211001

Agriculture Institute S.O
Allahabad 211007
Phone No – 0532-2684595

Dandi Bazar
Karchhana Taluka
Ahmadganj S.O, Allahabad – 211003
Phone No - 0532-265553

Allahabad Chowk S.O
Allahabad City S.O
Allahabad – 211003

Attarsuiya S.O
Attarsuiya, Allahabad – 211003

Bai Ka Bagh S.O
Bai Ka Bagh, Allahabad – 211003

Darashahazmal S.O
Darashahazmal, Allahabad – 211003

Hindi Sahitya Sammelan S.O
Sahitya Sammelan, Allahabad – 211003

Kalyani Devi S.O
Kalyan Devi Marg, Allahabad – 211003

Ahmedpur Asrauli B.O
Asrauli, Allahabad – 212208

Ahmedpur Pawan B.O
Ahmedpur Pawan, Allahabad – 212208

Ajhuwa Bazar ED B.O
Ajhuwa Bazar, Allahabad – 212217

Akorha B.O
Akorha, Allahabad – 212301

Aladadpur B.O
Aladadpur, Allahabad – 229411

Allahabad Chowk S.O
Allahabad – 211003
Phone No - 0532-2241484

Allahabad Fort S.O
Allahabad – 211005
Phone No - 0532-256104

Allahabad H.O
Allahabad – 211001
Phone No -0532-2622992

Allahabad High Court S.O
Allahabad – 211007
Phone No -0532-2422546

Allahabad Kty. H.O
Allahabad 211002
Phone No -0532-2548200

Allahpur S.O
Allahabad 211006

Allenganj S.O
Allenganj, Allahabad 211002

Alopibagh B.O
Alopibagh, Allahabad 211006

Amilia Kalan B.O
Allahabad 212303

Amitco S.O
Amitco, Allahabad 211002

Amora B.O
Amora, Allahabad 211003

Anapur S.O
Anapur, Allahabad 229411

Anuwa B.O
Anuwa, Allahabad 212401

Arahkala B.O
Arahkala, Allahabad 221508

Arail B.O
Arail, Allahabad 211008

Aruvaon B.O
Arivaon, Allahabad 212503

Ashey Pur B.O
Ashey Pur, Allahabad 221508

Asrawey Kalan B.O
Asrawey Kalan, Allahabad 211012

Katghar S.O (Allahabad)
Mutthiganj S.O, Allahabad 211012

Nehru Nagar S.O (Allahabad)
Bairahana S.O, Allahabad 211012

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