All Saints Cathedral Prayagraj

The state of Uttar Pradesh in India is rich in historical and holy places, which certainly include Allahabad. This city encompasses a number of religious and spiritual legends and is very much wealthy in terms of religious associations. If you talk about this city in terms of churches, All Saints Cathedral is one of the most popular worship places in this place. Commonly called as Pattar Girja (the church of stones) is considered as one of the important Anglican Cathedrals in North India. It is a classic example of Gothic style architecture of 13th century, which was designed by a famous British architect known as Sir William Emerson (the same man who designed Victoria Memorial in Calcutta) in the year 1887. Being an important landmark of the city, it is worth exploring this church from inside and out. Let’s get a perfect insight of All Saints Cathedral.

All Saints Cathedral Allahabad

All Saints Cathedral History

As this church was constructed during 19th century it has a great historical importance. The land for this church was granted by the lieutenant governor Sir William Muir. The foundation stone of All Saints Cathedral was laid on 10th of April in 1971 and said above Sir William Emerson was hired to design this church. It took four years to build up this church, which was initially intended for the North Western Provinces cathedrals, which continued to stay. The church basically came into existence to accommodate the growing number of people staying in the nearby area, which catered the religious and spiritual need of the people especially the ones based near the junction railway station.

All Saints Cathedral Architecture

Architecturally the All Saints Cathedral is seen in a Gothic structure, which reflects a perfect European style building. The nave of the church happens to be 40 feet width and 130 feet in height having a total length of 240 feet carrying the internal width of around 56 feet. The All Saints Cathedral architecture can be called as a perfect coolness for the eyes and even for the lens, which is embellished with intricate pillar while the marble and glass work has still retained in the original shape and gleam till the very present day the way it appeared on day one. That’s the beauty of Sir William’s design that still mesmerizes the same luster as it did a century before. The pulpit of the Cathedral showcases one of the finest designs, intricacy and carving, which is really difficult to believe.

The design of pulpit is considered as one of the finest workmanship found in the alabaster that is brought up by Mr. Nicholls of Lambeth made possible by Sir William Emerson’s incredible designs. The narrow aisles were seen in the church building found with the internal width of 56 feet. You can find two different transepts one is at the South and the other is in the North, while you find Chancel carrying the central tower – Ambulatory placed over the intersection of Transepts and Nave and the West Porch Thelantern tower that comes with a special name of Victoria Tower along with the Queen Victoria memorial. The incredible designs and work backed by stained glass panel and marble altar makes the building very much attractive thus making it one of the finest tourist’s attractions in the city. It is surrounded by a huge flourishing green garden.

Other Facts of All Saints Cathedral

If you take a look inside this church you can find a number of plaques that showcases a number of British nations for a wide range of reasons during their regime in India. It is considered as one of the unique charm while the atmosphere discovered here is precisely very much serene and calm, which give enough reasons to the devotees to enjoy a perfect rejuvenation inside it. It is located in the heart of the city, which means it is connected to a number of other important places, which you as a tourist would easily catch up. Some of the important places to visit close to this Cathedral include Allahabad Fort, Anand Bhavan, Jawahar Planetarium, Thornhill Mayne Memorial, Allahabad Museum, etc. while other key places nearby include the high court and Allahabad university. You can find different conveyances to reach out to All Saints Cathedral at reasonable prices.

Address: Sarojini Naidu Marg, MG road, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh - 211001
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