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Allahabad is among the important metropolitan cities in Uttar Pradesh and in India with a sizeable amount of population. It is also called as the city of PMs as seven prime ministers (including Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the Gandhis and people like VP Singh and Chandra Shekar) belonged to this city. Besides, it is also among the important commercial cities of the state and was rated as one of the fastest growing cities in India in 2011. Also, it is a known tourist place, wherein you can catch a number of things like fort, museums and several important religious places as well. In the list of religious places, churches bear the prominent place as you can find a wide range of churches and cathedrals of old construction made somewhere in the 1840’s. These churches and cathedrals are still present tall with unique designs and architecture, which gives them enough reason to visit here. Let’s check some of the popular churches in Allahabad, which are worth visiting with some insight about them in the following paragraphs:

list of Churches in Allahabad

All Saints Cathedral Allahabad

This church is popular with a name of Pattar Girja, which means the stone church. It is a popular Anglican Cathedral based in Allahabad, which is a classic example of ancient Gothic-style designed building. It was constructed by the British in 1871 designed by architect Sir William Emerson the same man who designed the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta and several other important buildings. The land for this cathedral was granted by the lieutenant governor Sir, William Muir in 1871 and it took 6 years (1872 to 1878) to complete this magnificent building, which is a place of excellent design and beautiful architecture and surrounded by lush green grasses.

If you look in terms of architecture, it has a nave of 130-feet-long and 40 feet wide, while the total length of this church is approximately 240 feet carrying an internal width of around 56 feet. Around 400 people can comfortably accommodate in this church, which showcases an incredible architecture of British colonial rule in India. Still the marble and glass work of the All Saints Cathedral seems incredible and has more or less the same gleam found some 125 years before. You can find a number of plaques inside the Cathedral that showcases the end of several British nationals for different reasons while ruling this country.

The pulpit seen in the building is extraordinarily rich in workmanship while the typical European style structure has two different transepts - one at the south and other is at the north. Lastly, you can find a Chancel carrying the Ambulatory whereas the central tower dwells at the meeting point of the Transepts and Nave and the West Porch. The lantern tower of the Cathedral is known as 'Victoria Tower' and is considered as the late Queen Victoria’s memorial.

Address: 10/12 Sarojni Naidu Marg, Civil Lines, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 221101, Phone no.: 0532 2601501

St. Patrick’s Church in Allahabad

Another worthy church to be visited in Allahabad is St. Patrick’s Church, which was constructed for the troops and was later dedicated to the Holy Cross. During the same year people working in Railways in this area were seen joining, which demanded extra space for the increasing crowd. Later, Rev. Pascal Sinha worked hard to build up this church and it was finally erected over the leased land of Military Authorities in 1931. Initially all the expenses were contributed by the people active in the church and later turned into a full-fledged worship place for the Christians residing close to the area. Presently you can also find a Nursery school in the same premises, wherein more than 100 students are enrolled. Currently, the Parish Priest is Rev. Fr. Damien Gomes, while is assistant is Rev. Fr. Prabhunath who had been taking care of the church in and out. ST. Patrick’s Church is basically a Roman Catholic Church.

Address: 1, Kanpur Road near Water Tank, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh - 211 001
Phone no.: 0532 2560213

St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral in Allahabad

This church was built in 1879 and hence has a great historical importance in the city. Located over the Edmondstone and Thornhill Roads the architecture used to build St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Cathedral is typical Italian and a must visit for tourists who want to explore some old structures in the city. It is believed that both the design and material was imported from Italy to build up this incredible historical church in Allahabad. It is constructed in a huge area, wherein you can even find a memorial tower erecting higher. Apart from having a look at this Roman Church, it has a library wherein the collection of books is more than seventy five thousand. Here if you visit, you are bound to find some of the old books and several important historical journals and manuscripts hard to find at any other place in the world.

Address: 32, Thomhill Road Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh- 211 002
Phone no.: 0532 2601501

Holy Trinity Church Allahabad

This Church is among the oldest ones in Allahabad which was constructed in 1839. The Holy Trinity Church was designed by an architect called Major Smith. The architecture of this church is based on the Colonial Gothic in nature, which makes the church building stand on eight different pillars and each one of them are measuring 120 by 70 feet. The designs of Holy Trinity Church are inspired by one Church called St. Martin in the Fields, which is based in London. It’s a worthy place to visit by any tourist since you can find different memorials in it including the ones called Gwalior Campaign of 1843 and the famous Mutiny witnessed in the year 1857. Holy Trinity Church was sanctified by Bishop Daniel Wilson on February 19, 1841.

Moti Lal Nehru road, near Allahabad University Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211002

Jamuna Church in Allahabad

Another worthy church in Allahabad is Jamuna Church, which is located near the famous Yamuna River that passes the city. Its name simply explains its connection with this famous river of India, which passes through various places. Jamuna Church was constructed in 1847 by John Freeman who was among the first ever American Presbyterian missionaries in the city. The designs and architecture of this church showcases the colonial architectural styles, usually found during the initial years of the 19th century. Being build a century before the independence it has great historical importance, which attract a number of tourists flocking both within and outside India.

Address: Mutthi Ganj, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211003

Apart from the above churches in Allahabad you can even explore some others as well, the addresses are given below.

Chowk Church

Address: Near Bajaja Patti Chowk, Miurabad Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211003

Our Lady Of Queen Of The Apostles Church

Address: B, Ranipur, Chatham Lines, Ranipur, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211002
Phone no.: 0532 2645716, 2645728

St. Mary Church

Address: 87/B, Muirahad, Allahabad Kutchery, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211002
Phone no.: 0532 2440750

St. Pauls Church

Address: Near IERT, Teliarganj Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh- 211002
Phone no.: 0532 2541716

St. Patrik Church & Nursery School

Address: Cariappa Road, Canton Dhooman ganj, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211017

St. John Bosco Church

Address: Naini, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh – 211008
Phone no.: 0532 2697865

Yeshu Darbar

Address: Mahewa East, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh - 211007
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