Civil Lines in Prayagraj

Civil Lines in Allahabad was formerly named as Cannington by the British. It is the heart of Allahabad and the central business district of the city. Civil Lines was constructed in 1857 by Cuthbert Bensley Thornhill, a great architect of his time. The plan of Civil Lines is very unique due to its grid layout, and thus displays a perfectly organized structure. During the British rule, this region was the preferred residential option of the British due to its urban setting. The Civil Lines area in Allahabad has been subjected to several architectural changes since then and the current day Civil Lines display quite a lot of skyscrapers. This modernization has not led to the destruction of the historic buildings that were constructed during the British rule.

Civil Lines Area in Allahabad

The map of Civil Lines is in such a way that it is bordered by the Kamla-Nehru Road, Thornhill Road, Stanley Road, Muir Road and finally joining with the MG Marg. Within this region, several residential areas, national and international banks and businesses and universities can are located. Other than them, historic monuments, shopping streets and malls and other tourist spots are also found. Both Allahabad Railway Station and the Prayagraj Bus Depot are located here, hence making transportation convenient.

Allahabad Musuem and the Public Library are situated at Kamla Nehru Road. The nationally acclaimed Amitabh Bacchan Sports Complex can be found in the Stanley Road of Cannington. This complex is very famous for the sportsmen and women it has created for the Indian national teams. In the same road, the famous newspaper, Dainik Jagran’s office is situated. Sitapur Hospital, which is well- known for its ophthalmological treatments, is in Civil Lines. However, this is not the only hospital located in Civil Lines. There are a number of clinics and other hospitals which can be found here. The Uttar Pradesh Public Service Commission and All India Radio station are located within this region, at the Thornhill Road. National universities, such as, S.H.I.A.T.S or Sam Higginbottom Institute of Agriculture, Technology and Sciences and I.E.R.T or Institute of Engineering and Rural Technology was found within this locality. Apart from them, St. Joseph’s college and IIPS or Indigrow Institute of Professional Studies are also found here.

As a tourist spot of Allahabad, this city is very well equipped with accommodation, shopping and ATM facilities for its visitors. The 3-star Grand Continental Hotel is rated high by the travelers for its hospitality and facilities. When it comes to shopping, street shopping is much preferred because of the varieties and cheap rates. But high style shopping is carried out at the Pantaloons and Reliance Trends Showrooms and also at Big Bazar Shopping Mall and Vinayak City Centre.

Civil Lines constitute buildings which were constructed according to the British architecture. All Saints Cathedral is an example. All Saints Cathedral, also known as the Church of Stones, is an Anglican Cathedral constructed in the Gothic style of the 13th century. Situated in between the two main streets of the civil lines, MG Marg and SN Marg, this cathedral is a famous tourist spot. Designed according to the British architect, Sir William Emerson’s imagination, the construction commenced in 1887 but was completed 4 years later. Completely constructed with glass and marble, the initial interior designs of the Cathedral are still maintained. Surrounding the church is a vast lush green garden.

Cannington is one of the British creations that is well maintained since its creation. Over the several years it has been accumulated with uncountable number of businesses and has become one of India’s prominent business districts.

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