Dental Hospitals and Clinics in Prayagraj

Dental care is an essential medical service in any city. It can turn out to be worst if not attended and taken care of in earlier stage. Considering this fact only Allahabad has some of the finest and world renowned dentists visiting the city and some having chambers regularly in the city.

Dental Clinics Allahabad

To spread the awareness of dental care this clinics together work towards hosting camps and providing free dental check up to address problems at an early stage. Treated early the dental problems can be solved or else it may turn into a serious health issues.

There are many popular dental clinics and famous dental hospitals in Allahabad. The list below detailed some of the finest dental care institutes present in the city

Rastogi Dental Hospital & Research Centre
Tej Bahadur Sapru Road,
Near Public Service Commission,
Phone: 0532-2408978

Amit Dental Clinic in Allahabad
88, Shukla Market Jhalwa
Jhalwa Chauraha
Dhoomanganj, Allahabad – 211011
Phone: 9453366052

Grace Multispeciality Dental Clinic
192, Chakia, Near Post Office
Subedar Ganj, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 9935841133

Gayatri Dental Clinic & Trauma Centre
Fort Road Chauraha
Beside PNB Atm
Alopibagh, Allahabad – 211006
Phone: 8273740901

M.A.K. Dental Clinic in Allahabad
Chowk Meerganj
Near Loknath Chauraha
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 9919111631

Maharshi Dental Clinic
9/11, Kamla Nehru Rd
Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 9415081542

Abhayraj Dental Clinic
10b, Panna Lal Rd
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2256659

Care Dental Clinic in Allahabad
Opp. Agriculture Institute
Rewa Road Near Bharat Petrol Pump
Naini, Allahabad – 211008
Phone: 9795952477

Ahmed Dental Clinic
CC-9, Nasrah Market
Near Bhartiya State Bank, Kareli
Solah Market, GTB Nagar Allahabad – 211016
Phone: 9335725653

Anand Dental Clinic
Near Sarswati Sweet House Agriculture Institute
Gangotri Nagar, Naini, Allahabad – 211008
Phone: 9616813037

Habeeb Dental Clinic
162, Nakhas Kohna, Siwai Mandi
Near Thana Shahganj
Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9839049333

Sri Hari Royal Dental Clinic
129, Opp. Roopbani Cinema Hall
Above Sangeet Medical, Zero Road
Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9452603450

Swastika Dental Clinic
331A/1, Near Police Booth,
Nai Basti Kydganj
Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 8953954828

Mittal Dental Clinic
90/78, Mahajani Tola
Near Sri Hatkeshwar Nath Mandir
Zero Road, Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9161968986

Bharat Dental Clinic And Lab
106/153, Near Prayag Sangit Samiti South Malaka,
Hewet Road, Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9532113136

Akshay Dental Clinic
131, Near South Malaka Police Station
Viveka Nand Marg
Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9936520170

Maruti Dental Clinic
40a/34, Opp H Wheelers Company
Nr Hot Euss, Elgin Rd, Civil Lines
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 9889965440

Srivastava Dental Clinic
New Rama Devi Mkt
Nr S.S.Khanna Degree College
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2504419

Laxmi Dental Clinic
7/1, Lower Road
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2256336

Sahaj Dental Clinic
Mak Tower,1st Floor
S P Marg, Civil Lines
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 3244445

Divisional Railway Hospital Dental Clinic
Ny Road, Allahabad Ho
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2560188

Anand Dental Clinic
110, Preetam Ngr, Gt Rd
Dhoomanganj, Allahabad – 211011
Phone: 0532 2637406

Jansewa Dental Clinic
272 Nigam Market, Harwara
Dhoomanganj, Allahabad – 211011
Phone: 9335985734

Raj Dental Clinic
243/378 D, Near New Bairhana Petrol Pump
G T Road, Bairhana,
Allahabad – 211003
Phone: 9336041416

Faiz Dental Clinic
30/24, ground floor, Neelkanth Apartment
Near ING Bank, Lal Bahadur Shastri Marg
Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 7897296411
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