Eye Hospitals in Prayagraj

List of Eye Hospitals in AllahabadOne of the integral organs in human body is the eye. Its one of the most sensitive organs and people seldom want to risk going in a below average hospital for the treatment of the same. Today eye care has become a major specialization subject where expertise is absolutely a necessary. Doctors have the opportunity to study in depth and save millions from loosing their most valuable possession-their eyesight.

Eye diseases in today's date can be of many types. There can be disorders of eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, sclera, iris, lens, retina and many others. Retinal disorders again can be of various types, Glucoma, optical nerve disorders and the list just goes on. To cure all this critical problems it is necessary that patients consults experts.

In Allahabad, one of the best part is that there are various well known eye specialist visiting the biggest eye care centers in the city. They operate and use modern medication styles to make sure that the patient becomes hundred percent cured. The hospitals and clinics are well equipped with latest and efficient instruments which are used by the country renowned professional doctors to provide the best treatments. There are various packages for eye care treatment in various clinics. This clinics also take the initiative to organize eye care camps and free eye check up along with doctor consultation so that the people becomes aware of the slightest problems in their eye and treat it early before it becomes difficult to cure it. Not only in proper city, these clinics are also present in the district and village areas to help the patients there.

Some of the finest eye hospitals in Allahabad have been listed below for reference.

Vandana Womens Super Speciality Hospital
50/26 C, Near Heera Halwai
Strachey Road, Civil Lines
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2260544, 9369106542

Srijan Hospital in Allahabad
8/1/6, Civil Lines, Elgin Road
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2405050, 9935596465

Shivam Akshayavat Hospital
A.D.A. Road, Opposite Udyog Nagar Ground
Naini, Allahabad – 211008
Phone: 0532 2696999, 9839909264

Dr. D. B. Chandra Memorial Eye Cent...
19A, Near Maruti Showroom
Lal Bahadur Shastri Road
Civil Lines, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2407534

Global Hospital & Eye Research Cent...
Bal Ka Bagh Near Payal Cinema
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2417225

Shri Rajaram Memorial Eye Hospital
Near State Bank Of India
Ramlila Road Balkhandi, Banda UP
Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 05198 224734

B S Mehta Eye Hospital
9, Clive Rd, Allahabad Ho, Allahabad – 211001
Phone: 0532 2260903

Surendra Opticals (Eye Care Center)
179 D/27, Allahabad, New Khatri Pathshala Market
Allahabad Ho, Allahabad - 211001

Nova Eye Care
128, Thornill Road . 211001 . Allahabad
Nayan Jyoti/eye & Micro Surgery Clinic
164-C, Tagore Town, Allahabad - 211002

Md Eye Hospital
Katju Road, Allahabad -211093

Allahabad Eye Clinic
15, Jawahar Lal Nehru Road, Shiv Nagar
Allahpur, Allahabad, 211006

Chauhan Eye Clinic
148, Near Kalyani Devi Power House
Attarsuiya Road

Sitapur Hospital
Cive Road, Civil Lanes
Allahabad- 211001

Global Eye Hospital
Rambagh, Allahabad
Uttar Pradesh 211003

Manohar Das Eye Clinic
Allahabad-Katju Road, Railway Station,
Phone: 0532 224 2549

Kamala Nehru Memorial Hospital
Hashimpur Rd, Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh 211002
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