Food in Prayagraj

As the evening sun sets in, pandas perform puja rituals as devotees line up the Ghats of Sangam offering their prayers to Goddess Ganga to offer them peace and solace. Allahabad, a culturally rich city of Uttar Pradesh, which is also known for its cuisine.

A foodie’s paradise, Allahabad is known to patronize Mughal cooking. You can expect to get a taste of Awadhi cuisine also in Allahabad as traditional chefs battle it out to maintain a balance between the two. Dum Biryani, kebabs and Mutton recipes are specialty of Allahabad and you will rarely forget the taste, in case you try any of these once.

Food Joints in Allahabad

Main course meals in traditional eateries across Allahabad include Zamin Doz Macchli. As the name signifies, Zamin Doz Macchli is a stuffed fish which is prepared in earthenware. This gives a fresh feel to the preparation and makes the dish unique throughout the region.

Dum Bhindi and Shab Deg are some other popular preparations in Allahabad that deserve to be tried. While Dum Bhindi is traditionally okra marinated in yogurt, Shab Deg includes mutton, mince meat, turnips and some raw papaya. The tandoori dish is a classic mix of vegetarian and non vegetarian and is a perfect fit for a foodie who wishes to explore the best of both. Nihari is a typical meat curry which was popular among the elite Nawabs of Allahabad and continues to be popular among people from all over the region.

Those having a sweet tooth will rarely be disappointed as the city has numerous dishes to soothe the palate of those who are looking for sweets. Gujia, Gulab Jamuns, Kheer, Sheer Qorma and Ghewar are some of the traditional sweeteners that have made Allahabad popular among die hard foodies. You can also try exploring the famous Tandoori Naan and lachha paranthas taken with the locally prepared achhar.

Civil Lines is a perfect joint for a foodie as the place is home to numerous eating joints. Street food is also popular in the area and you can try some of the traditional cuisine of the city here. Lokhnath gali is another popular food gali in the area and you will be able to taste the choicest of the local cuisine here.
Travellers passing by the city need not to be disappointed as Motichoor ladoos which are one of the specialties of the city are also available at the city Railway Station.

Popular Eateries in Allahabad

Nirala Mishthan Bhandar
- Nirala Mishthan Bhandar is one of the oldest shops in the city. You can relish traditional poori and Kachauri at the shop before you plan to explore the city further.

Hari Ram and Sons -
If you wish to explore the spicy Allahabadi dishes, no place is better than Hari Ram and Sons. Potato stuffed pancakes, khattae chanae and daal moth are some of the specialties of the shop and deserve to be tasted.

Come to Allahabad and explore the cuisine of this amazing city which has been attracting foodies from the world over.
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