Fun Gaon in Prayagraj

Amusement parks, although are very popular worldwide, but have become popular in India only since the last few years. Since tourism, now, contributes to a greater extent into the profits of the state governments, the amusement & water parks are being opened up at a much faster rate, since they attract a huge chunk of tourists.

Fun Gaon Water Park Allahabad Address

Similar is the case with the entertainment destination, Fun Gaon in Allahabad. As the name suggests, Fun Gaon is a fun-filled destination to be in. Literally, it means, A village of Fun, which it truly is.

The Fun Gaon, located at Kaushambi Road in Allahabad, is an amusement-cum-water park, made exclusively for men, women and children of all age groups. So, it has something for everybody in its vicinity. The water is evidently clean, and hence the quality attracts the chunk of people who keep water parks at bay due to the misconception of impure water being circulated around.

Fun Gaon has numerous slides to let you pass an entire day, filled with fun and entertainment. The slides include:

Wave Pool the main attraction of Fun Gaon

Fun Gaon in Allahabad Timings

The 1800 square feet wave pool, is a must visit feature of Fun Gaon. All that you need to do is, lie down in the pool, have fun, play volleyball with your friends, or anything, and wait for the wave to strike you down! Yes, you get the beach-like feeling. No doubt people spend hours in the Wave pool!

Speed & Mulitlane Slide

This slide requires you to slide from a whopping height of 30/40 feet! Although you’ll have goosebumps when you are up there, but once you take a deep breath and initiate the slide, you’ll feel like going up once again!


The Cyclone slide has a bowl shaped slide, which gives a thrilling feeling of being stuck in a cyclone or a roller coaster, to the rider!

Float & Tude Slide

Fun Gaon in Allahabad Entry

This slide involves a thrilling circularly woven path. You are bound to enjoy this slide, as it has a very high excitement factor for the riders!

Small Slides for Children

So what if the kids cannot ride the multi-lane slides? Fun Gaon makes sure they have their part of fun, by establishing miniaturized water slides such as water falls, play pan, coconut tree, etc. With such an exciting bunch of slides, your kids won’t even think about leaving Fun Gaon.

Body Slide

If you stay at an apartment, or work in a multi-storeyed building, just look up and calculate an estimated height of 3 floors combined. Well, in Body Slide, you’ve got to slide down from there, and that too being in the snake-position!

Apart from these popular and thrilling slides, this entertainment destination also houses a Rain Dance arena, and various swings.

After so many slides, swings and hours of dancing, what good will the experience make, if your stomach remains empty! The food court here, serves you well, and will fulfill your appetite with the oh-so-yummy food.

Fun Gaon Allahabad Amusement Park

To reach Fun Gaon, you have to first go to Jhalwa (near Cantt) via a tempo that you can hire from Allahabad Railway Station, and from Jhalwa, you can either get into a bus or another tempo, which’ll drop you at Fun Gaon.


Address: Fungaon Water Park, Khadilpur, Kaushambi Road, Prayagraj, Uttar Pradesh
Phone: 7800208087 / 7081244250


Fun Gaon remains open from 11 am to 6 pm. 

Ticket Price

Entry Fee : Adults - INR 350
Kids (3 to 10 yrs) - INR 250
    Free Listing