Gurudwara Pakki Sangat Prayagraj

Gurudwara Pakki Sangat is an extremely pious and holy shrine and it holds a very special place in the hearts of Sikh Community. Also named as Gurudwara Tap Asthan this is a worship spot for all the devotees and religious believers. Located in Allahabad, this holy shrine is believed to be based in a sanctimonious area as in Allahabad there is the wonderful confluence of two rivers Ganga and Yamuna and it is believed that river Saraswati also meet the same. This divine place at that time was called Prayag, a peaceful and serene area which feels like the home of God for every believer of any religion.

Gurudwara Pakki Sangat Allahabad Address

History Gurudwara Pakki Sangat

Gurudwara Pakki Sangat has huge significance and importance in all minds. Guru Tegh Bahadur used to  travel various places giving sermons to all and likewise he visited Allahabad once and stayed there. He used to pray and meditate here and his sole motive was to do humanitarian works, so that more and more people get benefited from him. It was at this time that the name Gurudwara Pakki Sangat was allotted to the place. History also mentions the struggles of celestial Mother Mata Gujri in giving birth to the son of god here in this Gurudwara which makes the place all the more holy and pious for the Sikh followers.

Apart from Guru Tegh Bahadur, Guru Nanak Dev also visited the place.  This place was also named in the autobiography written by Guru Gobind Singh named Apanikatha. This way this place has huge importance in the life of Sikhs and this Gurudwara  is believed by all. The Gurudwara is now managed by the Niramle Saints.

Kuh Sahib in Gurudwara Pakki Sangat

Kuh Sahib is the famous well present in the premises of the Gurudwara. In 1965, Mahant Pritam Singh  reconstructed Kuch Sahib which stands almost 4 feet above ground level. It is believed that if a person drinks the water of this well for 40 days at a stretch, his all suffering will abolish and he will leave a healthy life. Other than this there are other valuables in this Gurudwara too like Kirpan, Sankh etc.

Location of Gurudwara Pakki Sangat

Located in the realm of Himalayas, this Gurudwara is based in the pious place where holy rivers meet to become a single entity. For the Hindus also this place has huge religious values. For this reason only the famous Kumbh Mela is based in this place in every twelve years. In this mela thousands of God worshipers come from different places of the world to take part in the holy bathing. The festival called the Prakash Utsav, which is mainly a one day celebration of the Sikh community, is grandly celebrated in this Gurudwara. In this Utsav the teachings of gurus and saints are hymned among the worshipers and the message of love and sacrifice is given. The surroundings of this place are serene and peaceful with holiness spread everywhere.

Address: Ahiapur, Malviya Nagar near Kalyani Devi, Allahabad, U.P. India
Phone: +919369684067, 91-9415800164, 91-532-2242830
Best time: All-round year, especially during Prakash Utsav
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