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Allahabad is a spectacular city with rich historical importance in every sphere and glorious past. The land of knowledge and spirituality: The Allahabad, amazing in style and culture, this city always has reasons to attract scholars, bureaucrats, foreigners, politician, poets, artists, directors, writers and students from all across the country.

Allahabad, situated in Uttar Pradesh, is a prominent tourist destination in India attracting a large number of tourists annually. It was recorded that in 2007, around 70 million pilgrims from across the world gathered at Allahabad for Kumbh Mela, considered to be world's largest religious festival and also the world's largest gathering. Due to its enriched and glorious history, this city has many tourist places to visit.

New Yamuna Bridge

List of Things To Do in Allahabad

It is a notable and significant to know this is the longest cable-stayed bridge of India. This bridge was constructed in 2004. The main reason behind constructing this bridge was to minimize the load on old Naini bridge. This is very dazzling place to visit. This bridge runs from North towards South across the river Yamuna connecting the main city to its neighborhood of Naini.

Triveni Sangam Allahabad

This place is known as “Triveni” which means three in english. Here three prominent rivers - Ganga, Yamuna and invisible or mythical Saraswati meet.This is the only place where auspicious Kumbh Mela held. Here hindu pilgrims come all over the year to take holy bathe. People take a boat out to the auspicious spot where the three rivers meet to see the majestic view. To update you with fare - you can opt for a rowing boat which should not cost more than Rs 30 per person approx. Another option is private hired boat for a half hour trip which might cost you around Rs 200.

Magh Mela Allahabad

Top Things To Do in Allahabad

Magh Mela happens in the “Magh” month (January-February) every year. The fair takes place on the confluence of three sacred rivers: Ganga, Yamuna and invisible Saraswati. In January-February, people from all across the world visit Triveni Ghat to take holy dip and take blessing of god. Every 12 years the same fair is replaced by the massive and great Kumbh Mela which take place after every twelve years and Ardh (Half) Mela which take place every six years. This Kumbh Mela has significant history behind. It is widely believed that Kumbh's history originated from the beginning of the Creation of universe when God and Demons found “Amrit” (Mortal water) and fought for it for 12 days and night and ultimately while saving this holy water “Amrit”, four drops fell at four places on earth: Prayag in Allahabad, Haridwar, Ujjain and Nashik and that's it is celebrated every 12 years in rotation among these four places. On this occaions, millions of hindu pilgrims, Sadhu, Saints, Naga and pandits visit this place. Also notable thing to catpure is that during this period only migratory birds from Siberia visit Allahabad. This place is amazingly beautiful and attractive.

Anand Bhawan

This majestic and picturesque place of Allahabad has provided three great Prime Minister of India. The two-storeyed Anand Bhawan - is a large bangalow and pride of Nehru family - is now converted into a stunning museum. This place is filled with nostalgic emotion of freedom fighter. You can still feel the same personal touch of historic era, an era against Britsih Raj when you will roam around this great place. It is full of books, personal effects and photos from those stirring times. Tourists who visit Allahabad do not forget to miss this fantastic place.

Akbar’s Fort & Patalpuri Temple

Built by Mughal Emperor Akbar, this 16th-century fort on the northern bank of the Yamuna was a pride for Mughal empire. During Mughal era, when Allahabad was a capital of one of Mughal state, then Akbar built this magnificent a nd huge fort which is also famously called Allahabad Fort. This beautifully constructed fort was unrivaled for its design, construction and craftsmanship.

Inside this spectacular fort, there is Palace of Mariam-uz-Zamani, 3rd century BC Ashoka Pillar, Saraswati Koop and an amazing Patalpuri Temple. This wonderful temple is crowded with all sorts of idols. This place is must watch and should be in to do list of any visitor.

All Saints Cathedral

This is Anglican Cathedral Church also famously known as Patthar Girja. This stunning building was build during British Raj, a remarkable example of colonial India, by British architect William Emerson in 13th century Gothic style. This place is situated at the centre of a large open space at the crossing of two of the main roads of Allahabad ie.MG Marg and SN Marg. It place can accommodate 300 to 400 persons at single time.

Allahabad University

Known as “Oxford of the east” this Allahabad University or University of Allahabad is one of the oldest universities established in the Indian subcontinent. This is public central university. Many scholars and students from all across the country come to Allahabad to study and pursue knowledge. Many prominent people of this world came out of this fabulous university and made their mark in history and globe.

Civil Lines

Best Things To Do in Allahabad

Civil Lines which was formerly famous as Cannington or Canning Town is neighbourhood of Allahabad is now superbly constructed place. Sky-tower building, majestic gardens and urban setting is main attraction of this place. Civil Lines is a big hub for shoppers in Allahabad. Although this market is considered to be quite costly in the area due to its importance but still you have chance to bargain. The main Allahabad Railway Station (Civil Lines) as well as the Allahabad Bus Depot is also present in this area.

Shopping in Allahabad

Along with Civil Lines there are also other places to shop. Allahabad is best place for shopping especially if have inclination towards collecting antique pieces, jewelry, ethnic wears and pieces that represents high art quality. The tourists can also buy electronic goods, fabulous flowers, religious goods like sandalwood, Incense stick, camphor, vermilion and very good books to name a few while on a tour to Allahabad. Allahpur is a major tourist attraction along with Big Bazar and Salalsar in Allahabad has also emerged as a major shopping destination of Allahabad.

Food in Allahabad

Another attraction of this place is its delicious food. Rich in taste, this place wide varieties of like finger- licking foods. You can fill your hungry stomach from street foods which include spicy snacks, Chaat, aloo-puri, Dosa which may not cost more than Rs 50 per person. Sweets includes Rabri, jalebi, Barfi etc and for Non-vegetarian, this place offers a various range and varied taste of Kabab, Keema, Chicken Masala and many more. Some of the famous Cuisine and food corner of Allahabad are:

El Chico

Places to visit in Allahabad

In Civil Lines, you have multiple options available for delicious food and if you are Chinese food lover then El Chico is best place for you. Cheap in cost and rich in taste, this place has all set of Chinese and continental food menu. This place is situated at M G Street, Allahabad.

Shahenshah Restaurant

This place is one of the best restaurant in Allahabad, setup in a shady covering the whole area with various stalls presenting all varieties of luscious food items which include a lot of North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian dishes and snacks to name a few. Cost of these dishes are not very high range varies from Rs 100- 200 per person.


This is one of the most young and slimline cafe-restaurant. Young because this cake cum restaurant is opened recently in years and also due to its young fans mainly of age between 20-30. This bright place is always filled with loud laugh, amazing fragrance and beautiful young boys and girls around. If you have bunch of friends then you can consider this place in your watch-list.

Indian Coffee House

This is very old around 50 years in age coffee hall. For all coffee lover, this place has many more to offer. This large clean place has rich ambiance. Well- equipped with light breakfast options. This place is also situated at M G Street. It is opened all day between 8am-10pm.
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