Thornhill Mayne Memorial Prayagraj

Thornhill Mayne Memorial has seen hectic days. During the Raj days, the Thornhill Mayne Memorial was home to the legislative assembly. The building is unique in the sense that it has been designed in Gothic style. The use of sandstone lends an exclusive touch to the building and makes Thornhill Mayne memorial popular among the locals and tourists alike.

Thornhill Mayne Memorial Allahabad Location

The memorial has been home to the literary class of Allahabad since 1879 when the public library of Allahabad was shifted to the Thornhill Mayne Memorial. The library houses numerous popular and significant journals and manuscripts relating to science, art and literature.

Thornhill Mayne Memorial stands as a testimony to the hard work put in by Richard Roskell Bayne who designed the building in Scottish Baronial architecture.

Significance of Thornhill Mayne Memorial

Thornhill Mayne Memorial popularly known as Allahabad library is located in the historic Chandra Shekhar Azad Park which has been home to important events associated with freedom struggle of the country. An interesting tale about naming the library as Thornhill Mayne Memorial is worth mentioning. Lord Thornhill, the commissioner or Allahabad and Mr. Mayne, collector of Allahabad were good friends. The memorial which is often cited as the oldest library in Allahabad stands as a testimony to the friendship of these two visionaries who were responsible for developing Allahabad as a city to a great extent.

Exclusive Collection of Books in Thornhill Mayne Memorial

Besides its historic significance which lends a unique importance to Thornhill Mayne Memorial, the library has a rich collection of books, journals and manuscripts. Books on subjects as psychology, religion, literature and fiction make for a rich collection which attracts subject experts and commoners alike to the library.

Allahabad Public Library or Thornhill Mayne Memorial is home to over 75,000 books on various subjects and specializations. Till the year 1888 both the State Museum and Library used to coexist. It was only in 1889 that Thornhill Mayne Memorial was put to use exclusively as a library.

Thornhill Mayne Memorial or Allahabad Public Library has been home to numerous political leaders as they used to initiate discussions on social and political issues in the famed reading room of this library.

Collection of Manuscripts in Thornhill Mayne Memorial

Allahabad Public Library or the Thornhill Mayne Memorial is home to numerous Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Sanskrit Manuscripts. Scholars and book lovers alike make a beeline to the library to check through the facts and enrich their knowledge base.

The exclusivity of the Manuscripts available at the Thornhill Mayne Memorial can be understood from the fact that the collection includes writings of popular authors like Habibullah, ibn-ul-Amid, Al Qutrub un Nahvi, Ahmad Shamsuddin, Jamalul Qarshi and Hajar Asqalani.

Popular Urdu Manuscripts in Thornhill Mayne Memorial include Nazmen, Majmooa, Masnavi, Urooz, Gazlen and Firaq Ki Gazlen.

Allahabad has a rich cultural history too and the city is home to numerous Urdu scholars. The availability of rich manuscript collection in the library ensures that subject scholars are in a position to enrich their knowledge and contribute to the development of the manuscript section.


As the Thornhill Mayne Memorial has been converted into a library, the building is open to the public only on weekdays. The library is open from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm from Monday to Friday.
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