Tourist Places near Prayagraj

Tourist Places around Allahabad are as exciting as the attractions within the city. The best part of these places around Allahabad is the fact that this is located within a range of 60-80 kms from the main city which makes it convenient for all to enjoy the nearby areas. It is also helpful for those who wish to roam but does not prefer to go for night stay at any other place. One can easily book car rentals and the tour can be planned for a day.

Tourist Attractions near Allahabad

Some of the frequent visited and most popular tourist excursions around Allahabad are mentioned below.


Garhwa is one of finest and most interesting tourist places around Allahabad.  It is historically significant along with religious implication in the ruins of various beautiful, artistically brilliant temples in the area of Purvanchal. Though it was not a very attracting and popular zone previously but slowly it is gaining its position in the hot list. Especially for those who love history or are historians by profession can take a glimpse at North Indian temple architecture as well the Gupta era Temples.The main temple at this place consist of 16 stone pillars which are beautifully carved and in scripted. One can visit the fort too while their visit to Garhwa. Apart from this there are beautiful sculptures too. Located at a distance of 60 km from Allahabad city it is just a few hours’ drive to Garhwa but a must visit place for all tourist or casual visitors. The place gifts us a whole new thinking and concept about architecture then.

How to reach:
A prepaid taxi can be fetched from Allahabad city to visit Garhwa.
Timing: Sunrise to Sunset.
Open on: Monday to Sunday


Located at a distance of 65 km from Allahabad, Kaushambi is a historical Buddhist centre. It is based on the west side of Allahabad, The Kaushambi district is well bounded by Chitrakoot in the south, Pratapgarh in the north, Fatehpur in the west and Allahabad in the east. The district headquarters is based in Manjhanpur. In the pages of history Kaushambi is often known as Kosham which was once the capital of King Udaya who was a strong and faithful follower of Lord Buddha. It is believed that Lord Buddha spent time after enlightenment. The belief is strong and that is why thousands of Buddhist pilgrims come here every year. There are many temples in this place too like Sheetla Temple of Kara, Kamasin Devi Temple and Durga Devi Temple of Manjhanpur.

The place has religious interest as well as historical importance since many rulers have ruled the area keeping behind forts, sculptures, architectural carvings which bear the evidence of early civilized society. Ganga and Yamuna rivers flow through Kaushambi district playing a pivotal role in the agricultural development of the district. The atmosphere in this district is extreme. While the summers are too hot, the winters are chilling. The main crops of this region are rice wheat and pulses. The district is divided into three tehsils and they are Sirathu, Manjhanpur and Chail.

How to reach:
A taxi from Allahabad can help to reach Kaushambi through NH-02, Allahabad-Kanpur Road and then through Manauli and Leader Road.
Best time to visit: Throughout the year


Tourist_Places_near_AllahabadThis is one of the most important and worthy places to visit around Allahabad. Shringverpur is located at a distance of 40 kms from the center of Allahabad city. The place is so prominent because in the early years Rishi Shringi used to stay here the reason why the name of the place “Shringverpur”. According to the epic “Ramyana” this place was ruled by Nishadraj or the King of Fishermen. It is also said in the epic that before going to exile for 14 years Lord Rama with wife Sita and brother Laxman visited the ashram of Rishi Shringe. There is Anand Mai Temple and Shanta Devi Temple (wife of Shringe Rishi) which is also a good place to visit in Shringverpur. There are many temples of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita along with 12-faced huge statue of Lord Hanuman.

How to reach:
The place can be accessed by road through local buses or prepaid taxis available from the city. Nearest railway station is Ramchura Road.
Timing: 4am to 9pm
Open on : Monday- Sunday
Best time to visit: During the time of Ramayan Mela organised by Ramayan mela Organizing Committee.

Bhita Archeological Site

This is an archeological site at a distance of 20 km from Allahabad city. The place stretches for an area of 400 bighas and the excavations here reveal a lot about the old days with terracotta articles, idols and earthenware used then. Some of the remains of this place dates back to 300 BC. Bhita is a village in the Jasra Tehsil of Allahabad district and it is one of the 325 villages mapped with Bara Block.

How to reach:
Jasra Railway station is the nearest rail head from Bhita. One can also take a prepaid taxi from Allahabad to reach here.
Timing: From 5am to 6pm (between sunrise and sunset)
Best time to visit: Throughout the year


At a distance of 9 km from Allahabad this is a small place but with many religious centres like Ashrams, temples, etc based at the banks of River Ganga. This place is much popular area only because the serene beauty of this area gives peace to mind and soul. Outside the din and bustle of the city, this is a welcome relaxation for every visitor as well as boasting up the inner spiritual feeling.This is also the biggest town and Nagar Panchayat of Allahabad district. Harish Chandra Research Institute is located here. The famous spiritual organization Vihangam Yoga is present here on Chatnag road. To know more on spirituality thousands of visitors from more than 40 countries come here each year. One of the major attractions here is Samudrakoop, a well created by King Samudragupta where the water is never scarce. Another beautiful historical place here is the fort of King Puru.

How to reach: Jhusi railway station is the closest rail head in Jhusi. However prepaid taxi can help reach the place easily from Allahabad district.

Allahabad is one of the finest places of the country and its attractions are a mixed package which help travelers find their own preference and enjoy the city.
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